After a Rain Shower

It stops raining, and so we go outside just to take a look at things. The peony might just bloom this weekend.

Peony Soon

And maybe the yellow iris. 

Yellow Iris Almost Here

The weeping cherry won’t bloom for us again this year, but if we part the leaves like a great green curtain, we can enter a secret chamber.  The limbs embrace us, hanging low to the ground.  I’m a grown woman, and yet I can’t resist burrowing deep within the tree.  From the street, you’d just see a tree with blue garden shoes sticking out from below.

Within the Weeping Cherry

Living with flair means going outside to just take a look and finding yourself inside a tree. 

Journal:  Do you have tree memories? 

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  1. That peony picture is gorgeous! I love how you are discovering the joy of seeing God and His world with child-like eyes. It reminds me to do the same! Love you!

  2. I do have tree memories. We had a huge oak that I used to climb and then just sit and observe and sing (you know, real highbrow stuff like commercial jingles and TV show theme songs). We also had a huge blue spruce at one corner of the house and it was like having my own playhouse–shelves (limbs) to place things on, hallways with extra rooms (between the house and ancient bushes going either way from that corner), and sometimes I talked to the babies in my care (wrens who nested inside of the wren house within the branches). Fun stuff. Thanks for bringing those memories back!

  3. My one and only peony bush here in MO was destroyed years ago :(. I remember loving them in MN, even with the ants. I need to get a new one for the labyrinth.
    My parents once tried to save some baby birds who insisted on falling out of their nests. The bird parents were protective and dive bombed us – my dad ended up with my brother's football helmet on to protect his head. The nest was in a large cottonwood tree in our front yard.
    @Julie – love the image of the literal tree house you had.

  4. We had lilac bushes in our yard and one of those bushes had a perfect hiding place in the center where we could play house. It was so much fun and smelled deliciously sweet naturally!!!

    There was another old tree in our yard with perfect limbs for climbing. We had so much fun playing under the green canopy. What wonderful memories of my days in Ohio. Thank you for the reminders!

  5. When I was growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia, we had a beautiful weeping willow in the back yard. My brothers and sister and I used to be able to find the cast-off skins of what we called “locusts” (but which were probably more properly called “cicadas”) stuck to the bark of the willow. We would remove them carefully from the tree and wear them on our shirts, sometimes four or five of them! I have fond memories of that tree!