A Very Important Person

Today in my class, we discuss dignity.

What gives a person worth?  Why do we esteem other people (and ourselves)?  It is because of what they accomplish or because they have inherent value?

These questions matter.  Our answers determine how we view others and ourselves.  We tend to make ourselves into commodities; we believe that what we produce and what services we provide make us valuable, worthwhile people.

When I think about unconditional love, I’m challenged to radically love others regardless of their contribution.  I think that’s the way God loves us.

Dignity relates to the word “dignitary” or very important person.   I remember watching American Idol last week and hearing Jennifer Lopez talk about a contestant.  She said that when she watched him sing, she knew she was “watching somebody very important.”

What if I felt that way about everybody I met today?  What if I felt that way when I looked in the mirror?

You are somebody very important.   It’s true in light of God’s truth.  Not for market value or contribution.  Not for appearance, affluence, or achievement.  Not for anything other than who we are as declared by God. 

It’s freeing and humbling.  We don’t need to prove our worth.  It’s already in there.

Journal:  Do I feel like a very important person?

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  1. I love how Jesus treated every person with such dignity. He noticed the most marginalised, downtrodden & outcast – & showed them love, honour, respect & concern. Quite a different power differential to that we often see in society!

  2. Heather – I needed to hear this today at the beginning of my day when I will no doubt be tempted again to try to prove myself rather than rest in my identity in Christ.