A Throw Away Day

Today I remember that after exertion, one must recuperate. I’m listening to a new friend describe the way she recuperates after a day of activity. She’s still recovering from a serious illness, so she spends entire days regaining strength.

She rests. She does nothing. Her health depends on these days.

She calls them her “throw away days.” Not one useful thing happens on these days except for rest. 

“You need some throw away days,” she says.

I imagine I do. It seems wrong. It seems like a waste. But to a person recuperating, a throw away day saves your life. Calling them a throw away day helps clarify how unimportant or insignificant your activity will seem on these days.

Of course, that kind of recuperation holds incredible importance. Sometimes, you have to throw a day away to make it become the best kind of day.

You’re recuperating.

Do you find it hard to have a day of rest when you need one? 

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0 Responses

  1. It's busy world we live in – that can make it hard to take a time-out. I'm not sure I'm too bad a taking a rest but there can be little voices in the back of the head saying you ought to working on something. Bereavement and caring for others are things for me that have taken time to recuperate from this year.

  2. Dear Peter,
    I'm sorry to hear you are grieving this year! I'm glad you are recuperating. You're right about those little voice in our heads telling us we “ought”.