A Prudent Man Overlooks an Insult

I’m reading Proverbs, and the wise counsel I find convicts and inspires.  A simple verse in chapter 12 challenges me:

“A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult. ” 

As I think about living with flair, I know that I want my life to reflect a counter-cultural and revolutionary way of thinking and behaving.  What would it look like to “overlook” insults?  The word overlook as a verb means failing to notice, but as a noun it means “a commanding position or view.” 

When I overlook an insult, I stand high on the overlook of God’s love and compassion. 

Journal:  Have you chosen to overlook an insult? 

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  1. Great advice, Heather! I have found that if someone says or does something unkind to me (especially in front of others) while my gut response is to retaliate, living with flair means breezing past the rudeness like it never happened and killing them with kindness.