A Little Direction: Pressure the System

Today I remember the Second Law of Thermodynamics that systems, if left alone, move towards disorder. Without external pressure or the applied pressure of an organizing principle, things move towards chaos. I know this to be true in my kitchen, in the bedrooms, and in my own mental states.

I pressure the system by ordering my thoughts around truth; I pressure the system by little organizing changes like baskets for craft supplies; I pressure the system by making lists and charts.

It’s actually just a little bit of pressure that’s enough to reverse the inevitable disorder of this day.

Even blogging it out is a way of pressuring the system. I know what I’m thinking about today, and it feels ordered, right, and peaceful to relate it in words.

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  1. I've lately felt that several facets of my life have spiraled into disorder. Given this crunch, I've blogged less frequently than I normally do. Given the time constraints imposed by a busy schedule, this makes sense, but I love what you say about blogging being a way to “pressure the system.”

    Perhaps my thoughts feel less organized because I haven't pressured them into words as frequently as I normally do. I can remedy this!