A Habit: The Concerns for the Day

In my journal in the morning, I write down my list of “Concerns for the Day” as a way of getting them out of my mind and into God’s keeping. I’ve been doing this for years, and it’s a practice that offers so many rewards. It’s a way of anticipating the wonderful way God will work.

Over the years, I’ve drawn little arrows across the page that point to the space where I’ll write down how God worked in the midst of this concern. I don’t wonder if He will work, just how. 

I turn back the page each day and see the faithfulness of God at the day’s end.

If you’re still searching for a New Year’s habit, I recommend a “Concerns for the Day” list every morning. God says to “cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7) and that He “delights in the well-being of His servant” (Psalm 35:27).

This daily list empties out my anxious mind and allows me to move into the day with an assurance that God knows, hears, and responds. And my faith builds with every arrow that points to how He worked.

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  1. A great idea! Writing is also a good way to sort through what I really think . . . and HANDWRITING is a good tonic for the little grey cells, too!