A Broken Umbrella

I’m sloshing through this rainy Tuesday in my yellow boots.  I carry an enormous blue and white umbrella–big enough to cover at least 5 people.  One side of my umbrella dangles awkwardly, broken from years of abuse from high winds.

I look on with envy at folks who have very small, tightly domed umbrellas that fit securely over their heads and fall just above their purses or backpacks:  unbroken, private, and effective in keeping one person protected.

Why would I want a big, broken umbrella when I could have a perfect, made-for-one version that covers me fully?  That’s the way to stay safe in this storm.   

Isolated!  Secure!  Proud!

It only appears beneficial.  As I think more about that perfect umbrella, I think of the loneliness that security brings.  I don’t want to be alone in that perfect umbrella; I want you here with me under this broken one.

Let’s walk in this storm together and stay vulnerable.  We’ll have to cling tightly. We’ll have to feel the rain.  But we’re together and more safe than we could imagine. 

 Isn’t community a beautiful thing?

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  1. You amaze me how you are awake throughout your day to everyday things which you are then able to morph into lovely, pragmatic parables. Today, I stood in line – I enjoyed standing in line – I watched a mom and her child interact, I had time to just “be,” and was out of the daily loop for a short time. Cool.