A Beautiful Answer to Prayer

My daughter gives permission to share the following true story that just delights me:

I’m tucking my daughter in bed, and she opens up and starts crying about how nobody plays with her at recess.  She spends the time walking alone around the school track with her head buried in her coat.

She’s not athletic and still enjoys imagination games, and unfortunately, she can’t find friends her age in those categories.  And when she tries to join a group of girls, they are gossiping and using bad language.  They don’t let her in their circle.  

“What can I do, Mom?”  She feels so lonely and so rejected.

“How should we pray about it?  What do you want to ask God for?”  My heart aches, and I fight tears. 

“Just one friend.  Just one little girl who wants to be friends with me tomorrow.”  So we bow our heads and ask God to send a friend.

The next morning, I pray for my daughter. The Bible verse in Hebrews 1:9 comes to mind each time I start to ask God for help:

You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness;
   therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions
   by anointing you with the oil of joy.

I pray the whole morning that God would simply anoint my precious daughter with the oil of joy.  Bring her joy.  Bring her joy.  Bring her joy.

That afternoon, she bursts out of the school doors and reports that a new little girl came to find her at recess.  “She wants to become my friend, and we played the whole time!”

“What is her name?” I ask.

“Her name is Joy.”

The Lord brought Joy indeed. 

Do you have a great answer to prayer to share today?

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  1. Love this sweet story. It made me cry.
    I love the times He comes along beside me during my times of rejection.

  2. I guess it's official.
    God is the ORIGINAL giver of Flair.  🙂
    That is such a beautiful story.
    And I love that your daughter gave you permission to post it, because now she can come back and read about it and remember…

  3. That is absolutely awesome!!!!  He is so faithful to give us these glimpses of His love and care for us…and our children. Please thank you daughter for letting you share this beautiful story of grace…and joy! 

  4. I remember these times of longing for a “kindred spirit” (to quote Anne of Green Gables) from my own childhood. And from my daughters' childhoods. How kind of God to send your sweet daughter a kindred spirit!

  5. Tears sprang to my eyes reading how literally and Joyfully God heard and answered this prayer. I so love how you ask permission to share a child's story….thanks to your daughter for sharing and to you for writing. 

  6. Wow! Crying now. Love your girls and love how God is teaching them to trust Him and giving them Joy. How sweet He is!

  7. I had years when I was alone on the playground, too.  Maybe it's good for the soul to feel lonely sometimes, but all I know is I'm so happy God answered our prayers. 

  8. Thank you for this story! Made me cry.  I think God had a lot of fun arranging this one – I can just picture the smirk on his face as he brought your daughter Joy. I love that God's beautiful handiwork can be revealed on a playground. 

  9. Thank you for your writing!  I read this months ago when I first came across your blog, and today I emailed it to my 5 best friends.  I have encouraged them several times that they need to be getting your feed! I shared this one specificially today both because I am thankful for them (we are encouraging each other today as we participate in the Live 58 global fast together), and because a couple of them have kindergarteners who were struggling on the playground this week. I'm in tears re-reading it even though I know the ending.  It is awe-inspiring when we catch such a clear glimpse of God!  It's like being Moses in the cleft of the rock.  I also love your response to your daughter's tears – not only that there is no question that the first thing the two of you will do is go to Him, but also that you did not tell her how to feel or what to ask for.  WEll done!

  10. Holly,

    It is so amazing that and your 5 friends are doing the Global Impact Tour together. I commend you all for not only your sacrifice but also for doing it in community and encouraging each other. That is a truly beautiful thing.

    We're actually looking for stories of people “Living 58” to highlight on our new website launching next month. I'd love to learn more about how you all have made the Global Impact Tour your own and how its impacted your lives, friendships, and family.

    Here is an example of the type of videos we're making http://youtu.be/QYs6FCibB9I?hd=1. Let me know if you'd be interested in sharing your experience as an encouragement and inspiration to others.
    Jon Bell
    Director of OperationsLive58.org