65 Ways to Act Like a Fool

I’m reading the book of Proverbs and taking notes on what it means to be a fool.

My list grows long. (This is the shortened version below!) I have many ways to grow in wisdom. (The parts about eating, speaking, and sleeping too much always get me!) 

I start to realize how much I long to be a wise woman, not a foolish one. I make my list and put it by my bedside table. I’m humbled as I think about it:

Foolish people
1. Are greedy for money
2. Hate instruction and don’t enjoy learning
3. Have no fear of God
4. Are lazy and complacent
5. Take pleasure in evil
6. Are disloyal and unkind
7. Depend on their own understanding without seeking counsel
8. Plot harm against their neighbors
9. Pick fights
10. Envy others
11. Mock people
12. Cause others to sin
13. Chase fantasies 
14. Speak with foul language
15. Commit adultery
16. Have no self-control
17. Love to sleep all the time
18. Lie
19. Kill
20. Sow discord between family members
21. Flatter and seduce
22. Cause grief to their parents
23. Talk too much
24. Squander their money
25. Irritate their employers
26. Harm their own city
27. Gossip and share secrets; enjoy listening to gossip
28. Are stingy and don’t like to share
29. Act and feel self-important; they brag and boast
30. Are cruel to animals
31. Always think they are right
32. Trust in their wealth most of all
33. Are quick-tempered, easily angered
34. Waste
35. Use violence
36. Hang out with foolish people
37. Don’t leave an inheritance for their grandchildren
38. Don’t discipline their children
39. Have many unreconciled relationships
40. Believe everything they are told
41. Act recklessly because they love danger; they have no caution
42. Don’t help the poor
43. Speak harsh words
44. Don’t pursue godliness
45. Don’t think before speaking
46. Love rebellion
47. Accept bribes
48. Hold grudges
49. Nag
50. Don’t keep their word
51. Love pleasure
52. Love to drink alcohol
53. Accumulate debt
54. Exploit people
55. Rejoice when others fail
56. Show favoritism
57. Want the highest seat of honor
58. Eat too much
59. Argue with foolish people
60. Conceal their sin
61. Fear people other than God
62. Complain
63. Abandon friends and family
64. Impulsively spend money
65. Act with selfish motives rather than serving

I’m so glad God doesn’t give up on me!

Would you add anything to this list?

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3 Responses

  1. I see some of my own actions on this list – there is always room for growth, right?  I love that God never gives up on us!