4 Questions: A Current Events Challenge

This semester, I’m asking students to refresh their brains with some current events challenges. I clearly remember when I asked my college freshman some simple questions about our political leaders and basic geography. One student couldn’t name the Vice President of the United States. Once, a student thought Mexico was in Europe.

I’m not kidding.

Most students realize they could educate themselves on what’s happening in the world around them, especially when I remind them that entertainment news is not really news. Knowing what the Kardashians are doing or whether or not Selena Gomez is back with Justin Bieber isn’t news.

I want to be an educated citizen with some national and international literacy. Test yourself with these four questions:

1. Can I point out Syria, North Korea, and Pakistan on a map?

2. Can I name at least a few current US Cabinet members? Do I know what the Cabinet refers to?

3. Can I articulate what’s happening in Egypt right now?

4. Do I know where to go to vote?

Did you pass?

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  1. Thank you for this post. All too often we live in our own bubble and forget what's happening. I need to read up on a few points you listed myself. I *do* know where to vote. I pass the map test, and Egypt I *think* I have a grip on, but #2 nope. Anyway, I will read up on it. I *do* care about our home land and our economy though. This is why I made the Ultimate
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  2. Agree – Appreciate this post and yep – passed, but I am with AND try to never buy foreign goods with the first dollar – The Goodwill store gets that if I am forced to buy foreign goods. USA Made always gets the first dollar.

    Laurie Berthel

  3. Wow that made no sense – try to be literate on national and global events.

    Then agree with buying USA made products.

    laurie berthel

  4. Syria is upper Africa (pooh – checked map after answer; not on African continent at all, Mideast); North Korea above South K. on peninsula off China/Russia, Pakistan northeast of India.

    Cabinet members – tough: John Kerry (secretary of state), surgeon general (can't recall name; Koop was best and previous woman was terrific), attorney general Holder, education,…

    Coup overthrowing elected Morsi by Army. Army violently squelching protestors, and USA should keeps its mouth shut cause do we really want the Brotherhood back in along with Al Queda or should we let them work it out themselves….for once.

    Nell Holcombe school down the road.