3 Ways to Be a Christmas Blessing

As we gather to see friends and family this weekend, I wonder how we might be a true blessing.  I’ve spent too many holidays easily offended, moody, exhausted, irritable, judgmental, and negative.  I’ve spent too many holidays thinking of myself and my own needs.

Since action flows from belief, I’ve fashioned 3 tips to help me be a blessing

1.  Believe I’m on assignment from God to bless and encourage through words, gifts, and prayer.  Ask God to show me where, who, when, and how to bless. 

2.  Believe the best about everyone.  Assume pure motives.  Imagine the highest good about others instead of judging, criticizing, and complaining.  I forgive and release bitterness when I ask God to help me see the best in others. 

3.  Believe other people have extraordinary things to teach me. I ask God to make me humble, teachable, and amazed by others. 

We believe we have a Christmas mission.  We believe the best.  We believe in the capacity of every soul to teach us.

Do you have a tip for being a Christmas blessing?

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  1. On my list of ways to be a Christmas blessing-  Take care of yourself so you are free to think of others first.
    For me, this means getting enough sleep and prioritizing some alone time each day to put up my feet and recharge.  When I am tired and drained, I become moody, irritable, critical and unloving.  By taking care of my body's needs, I am freed to take the focus off myself and marvel at how God chooses to use a refreshed and energized me!

  2. Jana–so true!  I am going to remember to get enough sleep and recharge!  This is great advice because often I'm so moody because I haven't taken care of myself.  Wise words!  Thank you!!

  3. As always, your blog features important insights.  Here's one more for your list…..experience Christmas joy through the eyes of a child. 

  4. Great comment, Jana.  It's easy to run ourselves ragged getting “prepared,” but this only hinders us from actually being ready. 

    Heather, you have a wise  eye to search out the ways that we can meet needs, not just looking for our own needs to be to be met.  Thanks for the post!