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When She Arrives

It’s time! You may keep a different time, and so might I, but the Weeping Cherry decides when the party begins. And it begins.

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Offering Yourself

Lately I’ve been thinking more about what it means to offer yourself as a “living sacrifice” from Romans 12 in the context of blessing people.

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Sure of the Who

When I travel, I remember A.W. Tozer’s words again: “We cannot know for certain the what and the whither of our earthly pilgrimage, but we

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When in Austin, Texas

The living with flair moment arrived as soon as I walked through the airport terminal in Austin to see a “taco bar” with brisket, pulled

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Back to Country Music

This semester, my students who arrive early to class to hang out request their favorite country music videos. For the last sixteen weeks, I’ve listened to

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