Inviting Folks for Dinner

Tonight we host some new friends for dinner. I know it’s strange to gather on a Monday night, but why not? Everyone needs to eat, and this way, the family coming doesn’t need to worry about cooking or cleaning. It’s a weeknight break!

They come. They eat. They go home. It’s a quick, fun weeknight thing. The children will love it because I finally found a meal that everyone loves, no matter what the ages. (If you need a gluten-free version or something dairy free, I’m no help here. Tip: Ask in advance for food allergies; in this case, everyone can have gluten and dairy.)

If you want a menu for your own weeknight gathering, I’ve included it below. You can make the lasagna and cookies on the weekend or anytime you have a moment. They both freeze well.

  • Pioneer Woman Lasagna (my favorite for company!)
  • Garlic Breadsticks of any kind cooked from frozen
  • Caesar Salad from bag salads (easy!) 
  • Fresh fruit salad (strawberries were on sale)
  • Dessert of Chocolate Chunk Cookies (your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe but use bars of chocolate cut up) 

Enjoy a weeknight dinner with friends!

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