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Teaching Joy

When students gain confidence as writers, some beautiful things start happening: They hold up their parade of Instagram posts to brag about vivid verbs and

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Preparing for the Season

We ready ourselves for the changing seasons. Soon, the Pennsylvania landscape will explode with reds, yellows, burgundies, golds, and oranges. The valley will soon stun

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Not Picking. Catching.

The raspberries grow so plump and heavy on the stalks that picking them becomes more like catching them. Coming near the harvest, I lift the

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Great Joy

I read in Psalm 126: “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” I love thinking back on the

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Travel Notes

Along with the rest of us weary 5:00 AM travelers in Asheville, I complain that the single coffee stand in the regional airport failed to

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Your Old Places

After the funeral of a truly extraordinary woman, Libby Miller, I went to the reception at Camp Greystone. I walked back to my first cabin

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Your Pumpkin Update

With the hot, sunny days and crisp, cool nights, these pumpkins thrive. We’ve cut back the big leaves to give the pumpkins full access to

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