Turndown Service for Your Family

Lately, I’ve been joking that, since my daughters no longer want to be “tucked in” because they’re staying up late with homework, I might provide a “Turndown Service” like at an exclusive resort. No one ever turns down the Turndown Service! Just like the Warm Welcome after school (candles lit, fun music, a snack, and beverage), the Turndown Service contains certain activities actually taught in the hotel management field of study.

It goes like this:

The Turndown Service includes a quick tidy of the bedroom, helping to reset it for the next day. It involves, most essentially, that you turn down the sheets and comforter and plump the pillows to invite sleep; you spray lavender on the pillows; you provide a cool drink of water; perhaps you play soft music, set a fan on, or open the window for the evening breeze. And, just like at a hotel, you can announce breakfast possibilities. I’ve also learned that part of exceptional Turndown Service includes arranging slippers and providing a “turndown gift” of some kind of treat. While I don’t provide chocolates, mints, or any kind of toiletries or towels folded into exotic birds, I do love the idea of leaving a little love note on the pillow.

I would have been a great hotel manager! I love the Turndown Service.

What began as something silly to treat family members like royalty in a resort (and to spend some time with my daughters before I went to bed) now has become a lovely evening ritual. And it feels like another way to live with flair.

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