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Reaping What You Sow

Today I wonder about all the things I might sow into my life–and into the lives of others–in 2013. I scatter blessings like little seeds.

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How Else Will It?

This morning, we talk to our children about the particular beauty of boredom. We find ourselves exhausted by trying to keep them entertained. (It’s harder

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Going the Back Way

When you’re driving with folks who really know a town well, they’ll always say, “Let’s take the back way.” This means you journey down country

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Snow Landscape

 We take to the hills; it’s a sunny day with just enough snow to sled. Give a child even a little snow, and they figure

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Out There Alone

On two separate afternoons, I watch my youngest bundle up and go outside to play in the snow alone. Later, I find that she’s examining

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