The Strength and Courage You Need

This morning, I note the repetition of God’s command to “be strong and courageous” in Joshua 1. Five times in just one chapter! As I think about 2013 and entering into the new things God has in store, I take to heart the need to have strength and courage.

I’m not sure what the new year will bring; nobody can know for certain. I do know, however, that when moving into new territory, we need to be strong and courageous like Joshua and the people of Israel.

Perhaps it’s strength and courage to try something new, mend a hurting relationship, teach a new class, parent in a different way, or attempt a new physical, mental, or social challenge. What would we do if we had all the strength and courage we needed?

We do. All the resources of heaven are available to us. Maybe in 2013, We’ll really believe it and live like we do.

What would you do in 2013 if you had all the courage and strength you needed?

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