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Sometimes the flair you experience isn’t your own.  Sometimes, the flair for the day is the flair you helped make happen for somebody else. In

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How to Survive Rejection

There’s a way to handle rejection with flair.  I always come back to the same three truths to survive it. When it comes–that awful companion,

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The Texture of Flair

We are sensate creatures.  We feel textures everyday: this firm keyboard, the spongy-soft of this office chair, the feel of a hard nail on my

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What Does This Spell?

My preschooler has a little etch-a-sketch with a pen that lets her write letters. We were driving down the street, and she wanted to play

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The Cutting Board Cure

Whenever I get my cutting board out with friends or family, good things always happen. I remember chopping garlic and fresh ginger with my boyfriend

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Admiring the Raw

I’ve been practicing a new flair attitude. I want to admire people. Admiring somebody seems gushy and cheesy; we think about valentines or romantic movies.

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