2 New Things I’m Learning

I’m learning–at this older age, finally–two things that actually begin to redefine how I live my life. 

1.  I can’t make people happy, and it’s wise to stop trying all the time. Folks are responsible for their own moods and their own issues.  

2.  It doesn’t matter whether or not people like me, so it’s wise to stop trying to please people all the time. The greatest gift I can give a person is myself–without flattery, people-pleasing, or false encouragement. Take it or leave it. 

Why does it take over three decades to find freedom from needing to please and needing to make everybody happy? I’m tired! I’m ready to be myself. On the journey to do this, I find people become disappointed in me and discouraged by my inability to please them. This feels scary, but it also feels like freedom. 

Who will this new woman be? 

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  1. Such wise words. When my children complain about others actions being unkind I remind them that you cannot change someone else's behavior. You can, however, be in control of how you react to it. Trying to put a sympathetic spin on it (how sad it must be for them to have such a negative response to this) helps me overcome my need to please.