10 Ways to Laugh as a Family

Yesterday, the Italian Mamas reminded me of the importance of humor in a family.    Later, I compile a list for myself of ways I can immediately lighten the mood in my home.  You know me:  I think too much, I take everything too seriously, and I like to think about the deep things of the heart.  I could use some lightening up.

Thankfully, I married a hilarious man.  He’s the one who sings us ridiculous tunes to get us all out of bed.  He’s the one who will create a diversion to help us cope with anything from fevers to bad moods.  One time, he took a duck puppet, popped it out of the sun roof, and performed a show for all the drivers (and their children) who were stuck in a major traffic jam. 

So I asked him, my children, and the Italian Mamas all the ways to immediately bring laughter to a home.  Here are our ideas, and I’d love to hear some of yours.  

1.  Watching YouTube videos involving cats, babies, or (according to the Italian Mamas), misheard song lyrics, or the family friendly comedian, Brian Regan
2.  Playing any improvisational game like charades
3.  Showing your children what it was like to dance in the 80’s
4.  Random tickle fights.  Even the adults.  And then try to have a conversation nose-to-nose.  You won’t be able to keep a straight face!
5.  Making up a Broadway song and routine to announce what kind of mood you are in when you wake up in the morning
6.  Assigning nick-names for each family member
7.  Making fun of yourself
8.  Using a puppet to talk about anything–no matter what age you are.  
9.  Owning a pet, preferably a one-eyed cat.
10.  Speaking in an accent of your choice for an entire meal.

Living with flair means laughter.

Journal:  How do you bring humor to your home?

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  1. Love this, Heather.

    One of the joys of grandparenting is being able to laugh at the things that cause parents to cringe. Having any one of the 4 grandlittles in our home means we are going to be laughing more than usual.

    I highly recommend babysitting a toddler or preschooler or watching a t-ball game for entertainment that's sure to inspire lauaghter.

    Laughter IS good medicine!

  2. I have no children or, by now, grandchildren yet am so drawn to volunteering at the local Girls' Club to help me stay in touch with being young and crazy at heart :). Your hubby sounds wonderful – yep, lightening up needs higher ratings :).

  3. My husband and I poke fun at each other's faults, exaggerating them till they are blown out of proportion. It forces us to not take ourselves so seriously and to be comfortable of our faults. We also make up names for different things. Bolognese is “bowl of mayonnaise,” Marine Corps is “creamed corn,” instead of take a shower, it's “shake a tower.” We do this all day everyday, it always make us giggle if not burst into laughter!