I'm Heather.

I write. I speak. I teach. Why? To lead people just like you closer to God and others.
People struggle with loneliness and isolation now more than ever. I help individuals embrace their God-given identity to experience more joy and belonging—both with God and others.

New Book

Deeper conversations don’t just happen; they are intentional. If you desire deeper connections with others, The Six Conversations will give you the tools you need to get there. 

Live With Flair (Blog)

Explore my latest writings about faith, joy, discovery, and more…

High Maintenance

I learn I need to mist my gardenia (and now also my lemon tree—I didn’t know!) twice a day. Twice! Creating the right, humid environment

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Try, Try Again

Today while shopping at Trader Joe’s, my daughter and I keep returning to the display of beautiful potted gardenia plants. I absolutely love gardenia. I

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Reflecting Light

So far, I’ve loved reading more and more about the attributes of God in Grudem’s Systematic Theology. This morning, I considered God’s glory. I love

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