Get to Yourself Before You Do

This morning, I learn about all the bad choices people make when they are over tired, over hungry, and over stressed. 

A friend reminds us to get to ourselves before we become the person making bad choices. It’s a funny expression. She advises us to catch ourselves before we become too tired, too hungry, too stressed.

Get to yourself first, before you become the person you don’t want to be. 


Divine Enablement

Why is it that we so often forget the impossibility of doing what God commands apart from the enabling power of the Holy Spirit? How quickly I become overwhelmed.

Today I discuss with a neighbor the infinite riches of God always available to meet us in any need. We not only forget to ask and then appropriate God’s power, but we also forget the availability of that power.

I love the prayer journal to record the needs of the day that one of my daughters cannot live without. But me? I run full force into the day, aware of my need but forgetting dependence on God, asking of God, and moving forward by faith. Even all of this comes from the Holy Spirit.

I remember again the wonder of a life lived so curiously and so empowered by the Holy Spirit that any outsider would note the supernatural activity of an amazing God.


No Fear

I read a verse in Isaiah 52 that reminds me of God’s care. It’s just this: “The Lord will go before you, the God of Israel with be your rear guard.” He’s a Guarding God, and this is a promise, always, of our souls, even when our bodies decay and calamity comes. 


We Are Never Outside of His Care

Today on the walk to school, my youngest daughter peers first into the tiny sparrow nest in the bush along the path. It’s as small as a silver dollar. Oh, the wonder to see the first little egg, smaller than a jelly bean.

I note the size of both the nest and egg and the little sparrows to whom this belongs. I think of Matthew 10 and how Jesus says that not a sparrow falls to the ground outside of the Father’s care. He then explains how we are worth more than sparrows to God.

I love carefully watching the sparrow. I wish sparrow were a verb! It would mean to dart about and then settle with joy, knowing you were fully cared for by a loving Father.


A Thrilling Thought for Writers

I pick up Charles Spurgeon’s All of Grace, and I pause at his thoughts about his own writing.

He writes that he sends forth his writing with “childlike dependence on the power of God” to bless his readers. He then asks so beautifully:

Who knows how many will find their way to peace by what they read here? A more important question for you is this: Will you be one of them? 

I love the question and the intention of it all. I love how Spurgeon imagines his readers finding their way to peace.

Spurgeon next offers up his words and so humbly says, “Here is my fountain, and here is my cup,” and he invites the reader to drink up. He then dedicates his writing with prayer and finally honors the reader for journeying along with him. Still, he wonders whether this one particular reader might find a certain joy in his words. He writes, “Who knows, maybe the time of blessing has come for you.”

I think about writing with childlike dependence on God and always desiring peace and blessing for our readers. What a wonderful way to think about writing. What a thrilling thought that our words might be used in some way by God to bring a blessing from heaven.


The Fragrance of Lilac

My late blooming lilac blooms in full, spreading the sweet fragrance throughout the yard and kitchen. 

It’s lovely, and I love lovely. 


Not All At Once

Right about now, I go into a cleaning frenzy. I want the whole house clean, decluttered, and organized for summer. I like breezy, wide-open areas with clear surfaces.

Let’s go! Let’s do this! And then, I feel overwhelmed. Don’t you?

I remember what to do when I feel overwhelmed by this kind of deep cleaning: remember that you can do one little project a day. Just one! Just today! I can do this!

Today, I thought about one room: the laundry room. Ours becomes so dusty from cleaning the lint trap, and we have piles of cleaning rags and supplies spilling out of what was once a tidy little cleaning bucket. So my 20 minute project involves creating my tidy little cleaning bucket out of the chaotic mess, and choosing 3-5 cleaning rags to keep. The rest, I can donate. I then organize the laundry products. Once I mop the floor, wash the rug, and wipe down the surfaces, I’m finished with that. 

It makes everything so manageable when you think about small projects. And if your first project energizes you, you can move on to just one room more–maybe one child’s bedroom or the living room. Sure, your spring cleaning might take 10 days, but it’s manageable.

I’ve learned that living with flair means you set small, attainable goals. You don’t have to accomplish everything all at once–in cleaning or in life.


Follow the Beak

I’m finding more and more nests. I found the tiniest little sparrow nest that’s still under construction. It’s in a low bush by the sidewalk. It’s nearly impossible to see. 

Then how did I find it? 

If you want to find nests, don’t just watch the birds; watch what they carry in their beaks. If you see any bird with nesting material hanging from the beak, simply watch where that bird goes. The bird will lead you right to the nest! 

Look for the beaks in the morning. That’s when most birds build. 

Now you know my secret!