Another Great Coaching Question

Today I talk with a woman about the best coaching question. Try this:

What do you want to do in your life that you feel that you cannot do? How can I help you move forward or make progress in this area?

Helping people understand what is against them, where they feel they lack power or agency, or what roadblocks stand in the way of what they wish to do helps them and you as a coach. How can you help? How can you gather the local community to help? How can you bring others with expertise into the situation?

What do you want to do that you feel you cannot do?


Asking God for This

I love in James how we learn a root cause of “disorder and every evil practice.” It’s this:

envy and selfish ambition.

I begin to pray that God would destroy envy and selfish ambition within me by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. “Wisdom” according to James 3, that showcases envy and selfish ambition is actually foolishness. It’s “earthly, unspiritual, and of the devil.”

But wisdom from heaven is “pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial, and sincere.”

Oh, that God would make us wise!


Simple Pleasures

I remember when life felt joyless and painful. I remember the first week I started my blog to record what it could mean to live with flair. I wanted to sip beauty out of ordinary days. I wanted to worship Jesus and escape from myself. So I wrote about pleasure and whimsy and wonder every single day. It was a tiny trickle that led me to an ocean.

Today, I found myself rejoicing over the joy and gratitude I felt over a popsicle on a hot day. It was a pineapple popsicle. I drank water with ice cubes. I felt so thankful for ice cubes. I told God about the blessing of seeing the blessing, the blessing of knowing that it didn’t have to be this way.

When I thank God for popsicles and ice cubes, it becomes easier to live a whole day of gratitude for every simple thing He gives.



I Go Back to the Seed Sown

I love Psalm 97:11 and the imagery there in the NASB translation: “Light is sown like a seed for the righteous and gladness on the upright in heart.” It’s different from the NIV which says,”Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart.” In both, the idea of shedding and sowing is more like the idea of scattering seed to take root. It’s such a nice image to remember.

I think of God planting seeds of light and joy in my heart that only grow and grow until they bear so much fruit that even others are blessed by the harvesting of it.


Weeks and Weeks, and Then Visible Growth

We’ve learned that you can indeed grow an avocado plant from the seed. It just took months! We began in May, and now this growth! I used these screws instead of toothpicks because they kept breaking. What’s so wonderful about growing an avocado plant is that the roots grow for so long first.

You have no top growth until the roots become established. It’s such a great spiritual principle when we’re impatient for visible growth. Something is happening beneath the surface first.


Some Hand Holding

I love Psalm 73:23. The psalmist says about God, “I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory.”

It’s just so sweet and loving to think that wherever you go and whatever situation you’re walking into, He is holding your hand. 

Picturing God holding my hand today makes all the difference.


By Name

Today I hear a woman speak about how God calls us by name.

It’s so precious to consider how, in Exodus 33:18, God says to Moses, “I know you by name.” Think about Isaiah 41:1 and God’s declaration: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” Or consider, in Luke 10:20 about the “names written in heaven.” Both Revelation 20 and Philippians 4:3 reveal how our names written in the Lamb’s book of life. I also love John 10:3 and how the Shepherd calls the sheep by name.

It’s so amazing! It’s so personal, so tender, and so wonderful. He knows us and calls us by name.



A Wonderful Love Poured In

I think Romans 5:5 is a Bible verse of personal breakthrough. It’s so simple and so beautiful. It contains this little statement: “God has poured his love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.”

Can you imagine having God pour His love into you so that you don’t need so much attention or affection from others? What if this love so filled you that criticism didn’t penetrate in (there’s no room!) just as praise doesn’t fill you with it’s sugary and sometimes toxic liquid (there’s no room!). What if this love so filled you so that you moved about your day in a way that blessed others with this love that there’s so much of you can pass it around to thirsty people needing a sip? And then you tell them they don’t need you; they can have God pour this love right into them, too.

When God pours His love into your heart, you’re free to interact with people from a place of security and fullness. You don’t need them to fill any empty places inside. I pray that God increases our awareness of this love that has already been given through the Holy Spirit.

May we see ourselves as filled up–like one of those expensive water bottles that keeps things warm for the whole day so no external temperature matters–with the wonderful love of God.

Think of your heart like this water bottle. See God pouring in His love, all the way up, so you’re finally full.


A Little Nest for You

We have a fun expression in our family. It’s this: “Would you like me to make you a little nest?” This means that someone needs a special place to rest and relax, perhaps take a nap, and enjoy some quiet time.

A “little nest” consists of soft blankets, a pillow or two, a refreshing beverage, and books or other ideas for solitude. We also make “little nests” before bedtime to arrange the comfy blankets and pillows into a cozy little space.

I’ve always loved nests and the contained comfort, creativity, and nurturing space they represent. And I love thinking of making my own little nests, not just for children, but for my husband and myself. In my little nest, I refresh and rest, burrow in, recover, feast, and grow.


“Apparently, there is nothing that cannot happen today.” Mark Twain

I love this quote by Mark Twain, who according to some research, said this in a joking manner when something strange happened (a man with an unusual name arrived to demand Twain change the name of a character in his book because it was his name). I love the quote for its humor and its optimism, and so I wonder:

What might happen today? Nothing is impossible with God. There is nothing that cannot happen today. Oh, the bright hope and joy of it!