A Few Things Well

As I’ve grown older, I realize the importance of developing expertise in just a few areas. It’s helpful to others and joyful for you. By now, I’ve become an expert in writing instruction, an expert in finishing manuscripts, and an expert in public speaking. I want to become an expert in theology and an expert in parenting adult children, but these categories will always continue to offer new opportunities to learn more and more. I’m nowhere near where I want to be.

When I was in my 20’s, I sought to develop expertise in 5 areas: teaching, hospitality, prayer, evangelism, and writing. I studied, sought mentorship, and practiced. I kept growing in the areas of teaching and writing, and along the way, I had to learn the craft of public speaking. To grow expertise, you commit yourself to the study of something. This year, I’d love to learn more about prayer. Does one ever become an expert in that area? I’d love to learn more in the area of hospitality as well.

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