Can You Guess What This Is?

It’s my daughter holding the remains of a turtle egg.

Turtle Egg

This weekend, I went for a walk along the Rappahannock River.  As I walked along, I started to hope–against the odds–that I might find a turtle.

On the Banks of the River

I always look for turtles.  I rarely find them.  (There was that one strange day when I tried to lure a turtle out from under my porch.) Turtles and I have a strange history.  I can remember every single one I’ve ever found.  When I think about turtles, they symbolize all the Good Things, all the Enchanted Wonder, all the Beautiful Hope of childhood.

Have you found a turtle and felt this way?

So I’m walking along the river, hoping for something as silly as a turtle.  

And lo and behold! 

Turtle Laying Eggs

 The whole landscape becomes a turtle heaven!

Turtle Eggs

The mountain laurel hides their nests. 

Hiking Through Mountain Laurel

I look down, and I find another one. 

Turtle Hiding in the Leaves
Mountain Laurel Blooming

 And then another. 

Another Turtle

 It was a great day.

Then, as if those turtles weren’t enough, I saw three more when I went on a walk with my sister in another part of the state.

Those turtles remind me of abundance and delight.  If I hunt, I will find. 

Journal:  Do you remember finding turtles?