My Kitchen Table and the Snowspeeder

Neighbor boys introduce me to the intricacies of Star Wars.  They spread Legos across my counter top and build V-Wing Starfighters.   I learn the whole story beginning with Qui Gon Jinn and ending with Luke Skywalker.  I’m thrilled that my kitchen now houses the Legos snowspeeder from Episode V (the boys alert me that I must write that as a Roman Numeral to be precise).   

I’ve learned more about boys and Star Wars this last hour than I ever thought a person could.  My daughters haven’t introduced me to this world, and I haven’t been that attentive when my husband attempted to.  I realize something:  Living with flair means learning what other folks care about.  You enter into that world, you ask good questions, and you take a seat at the table and build another Starfighter. 

Journal:  What’s the latest culture you’ve tried to learn about?