Perfect Packing Snow (Pictures of the First Snowfall)

It’s snowing!  We scatter about the house, looking for mittens and boots.  This first snow, according to the Artist Friend, is particularly generous. 

It falls in great big glops, and so we know we’ve got packing snow.

You don’t need to tell a child what to do in packing snow like this.   

They make snowballs. 

They eat snowballs.

They throw snowballs. They attack one another, but then they turn their snowballs into a snowman. 

I loved my brief Autumn, and as I stand at my kitchen sink and look out to the forest, I welcome Winter.  What a generous snowfall; what a generous moment between sisters; what a generous warmth I feel as I look through this window. 

 Living with flair means we embrace this generous winter.

Have you had snow yet?