Promise Not to Laugh

I climbed into a giant hamster wheel with my children today.  

Then I put my hands into a tank of fish to let them eat the dead skin off of my fingers. I learn this constitutes a spa treatment in some salons.

It tickled and was very strange indeed. 

Then I went back to the hamster wheel to take funny pictures of my husband. 

We were visiting the City Museum in St. Louis on our way to Colorado.  

I decided (somewhere between the 11-story slide and the airplane you reach by climbing through a wire tunnel) to embrace some whimsy. 

So when my youngest asked me to get into the hamster wheel, I didn’t hesitate.  And when my oldest told me I could get a manicure by fish, I didn’t hesitate. I can honestly say that I accomplished two spontaneous and whimsical feats today.  I remembered learning the “Beat It” moves in my kitchen; this felt like that. 

What a day!  How was yours?

Journal:  When I’m asked to do the next spontaneous and whimsical thing, will I hesitate?