One Thing Leads to Another (Pictures of the Cauliflower Mac-n-Cheese)

First, flaxseedNow?  I’m pureeing cauliflower.  I have photographic proof that I actually served cauliflower mac-n-cheese (only it wasn’t cheese; it was cauliflower).

Adventures in Cauliflower Sauces

My oldest says, “This is delicious.  Who knew?”  My youngest says, “No way. I love it.”   My skeptical husband doesn’t say a word because his mouth is full of delicious pasta.

It’s like some great momentum took over and healthy food just finds its way in now.  I steam the cauliflower, put it in my blender (the same one that makes the blueberry-spinach smoothies), add milk, some Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, and there you go.

Flaxseed started this whole thing.  Living with flair means making a simple change–adding one new thing in–that just might change everything. 

I’m dying to know what thing you added to your life that created a snowball effect of good things?


When You Leave a Dream Alone

I apologize to the cauliflower plants that I’ve ignored them all summer.  They kept growing and growing, but I grew impatient.  I’d never once seen anything representing a cauliflower, and I gingerly pulled back the leaves all season.  Now, it just seems silly to check, especially since the whole garden is dried up and overgrown.

My husband reminds me that the peppers are just now turning red. 

I obviously have timing issues. 

I decide to give the cauliflower another chance.  Deep within the shaded leaves of the plant, a haven of cool, moist air surrounds something I’ve never seen growing before:  a real cauliflower in a garden and not a grocery aisle.  I show my daughter, and we wonder when (and how) in the world you pick a cauliflower.

I realize this:  sometimes when you leave something alone, it flourishes.  When you least expect it, and when you’re just about to give up, you’ll pull back those leaves and find your dream needed that quiet, uninterrupted place to germinate.

Journal:  Do you have a dream you need to leave alone for awhile?