You’re In a Funk Because You’re Not Writing

Sometimes my husband reminds me how happy I am when I’m writing novels (or anything really). If I’m in a funk, it’s because I’m not writing. I propose that we might increase our well-being today if we set the pen to the page and create a character with a problem that needs solving. I propose that there’s a great story inside of us that we must tell.

It can be short. It can be very short. Try reading these at work today, and you’ll see what I mean.

As the weekend rolls in, think about a Saturday morning excursion into your own mind. Write it! Post it on Facebook! Start a blog where we might read weekly installments of your great story! Nothing needs to hold you back, not even publishers. You can publish it all yourself and sell it yourself.

I’m excited to try some short–very short–fiction in the coming weeks. I’m also gearing up to finally publish my own novels that everyone systematically rejected in the publishing world. ¬†They are coming! Southern Fiction, Adult Contemporary, and a Young Adult novel are on the way. We can gorge ourselves on them.

And even if nobody reads them, I will. Even if nobody will ever read them, I will love writing them.

So will you. Write!

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