Your Work and Your Supplies

I most notice in the book of Numbers the division of labor in building the tabernacle and how Moses gave “carts and oxen” to the Levites “as each man’s work requires” (Numbers 7:4-8). Some people received two carts and four oxen; some four and eight. Whatever God’s assignment, Moses supplied the amount needed to complete the work. I imagine that nobody seethed with jealousy or anger because their neighbor received more from the Lord. Nobody compared resources or tasks. Instead, they got to work.

I love looking at my resources—financial, emotional, relational, physical–and noting God gives me what I need based on the task assigned to me. How freeing! I also love looking at the type of work that mattered to God. Some carried anointing oil. Some spread tablecloths. Some embroidered. Some carried small objects, some large.

And all the work mattered.

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