Your Story of His Goodness

All weekend, I’ve heard incredible stories of God’s goodness to folks. I remember the verse from Psalm 31:19: “How great is your goodness which you have stored up for those who fear you, which you bestow in the sight of men!”

It speaks of a current display of goodness (in the sight of men) coming from a storehouse of goodness for you.

Thinking of God’s storehouse of goodness–a treasure chest with your name on it–makes me smile today. He bestows good things, right now.

As I collect these stories of goodness (in all forms, all disguises), I remember to thank God for this very great goodness. And I want to hear more and more stories of how God bestowed His goodness from that storehouse in the lives around me. He bestows in the sight of men so we might acknowledge and praise.

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