Your Own Mulling Spices

I put a tablespoon of mulling spices in a pot of water and allow them to simmer. These mulling spices include dried orange peel, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon.  Sometimes I add ginger or vanilla.

The simmering mulling spices fragrance and humidify the dry winter air. 

I’m standing over the simmering pot, and I think about this particular blend of spices mulling.  I love that the verb mull also means to think about something deeply and at length.

I want to mull over the right kinds of things.  

When we mull over beautiful things; when we mull over hope and possibility; when we mull over our blessings, this simmering sends up the kind of aroma that softens and fragrances a whole home.  I imagine I’m throwing various spices into my heart that generate peace and predictable cheerfulness.

What will I mull over today and what will it produce in this little heart, these little children, this little home?

What’s a good thing you like to mull over? 

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