Your Holiday: Another Thing to Surrender

This morning in church, I talk to my wise, older friend (the same one who first kept my children in church nursery all those years ago) about her Christmas plans. Instead of mothering all those little children running around her house, she and her husband are off to visit grown and married children who spend time with other families. It’s a different kind of holiday. I try to imagine what that must be like, and I suddenly feel so sad.

I think she can tell.

“Is that hard to do so much travel?” I ask.

“It’s just another thing to surrender to the Lord,” she says with this peaceful, joyful demeanor.

The comment sinks into my soul.

She goes on to remind me that whatever we surrender ends up turning into something good—good like grown children establishing loving families of their own. Can you imagine the alternative? Would I really keep everyone here young, dependent, and intact forever?

Deeper than this, I think about surrounding all my plans and visions of my perfect Christmas. Everything that goes wrong, that disappoints, that hurts, and that showcases some empty place is another glorious opportunity to surrender. I can do this because I trust God’s goodness, provision, and plans at all times. And I know He sees what I don’t see and is working in ways I cannot comprehend.

Besides, when I surrender, I’m bowing my knee to the Savior. This, after all, is what Christmas is about.


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