Your Face

I’ve been taking time to appreciate the beauty of faces today. Your face amazes me. It’s so beautiful that I can’t believe it. Each one unique, each one so precious. 

This morning my youngest comes very close to my face as she recounts a story. She holds my face in her hands. I examine her little face as she examines mine. So incredible: her eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and nose. So much to admire and consider.
It’s strange to have to remember to appreciate the complexity and wonder of faces that express kindness, love, joy, compassion, understanding. . .
Why did God give me this particular face? Would I chose it again if given the opportunity? Why would an advertisement ever have the power to suggest I change or improve it? 
I consider deeply what I’m using my face for. I want to show God’s love on it–with every wrinkle, dark circle, and large pore. It’s a glorious face.
Yours is a glorious, radiant face. Don’t change a thing.
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