Your Blog in 2020

I love blogging. I love that blogs are searchable and work as a ready archive of your life. For example, in 2010 on this very day, I went sledding even though I was all dressed up for a night out. In 2011? I watched a petal floating down a stream and learned about letting the Living Water guide me past obstacles. In 2012, I learned the beauty of boredom. In 2013, a little bird filled me with awe. 2014 allowed me to consider doing “little things” for the Lord while this day in 2015 showed me why we need mistakes. In 2016, I remembered to trust the One leading me even though I didn’t see the path ahead. In 2017 I thought about the small contribution of fish and bread from that little boy in scripture. Last year on this day, I reflected on my public speaking journey.

What if you started blogging in 2020? You might record small moments of gratitude or joyful discoveries. You might record wisdom gleaned or something you’re wondering about. In a decade, like me, you’ll have a record of growing. You’ll have a record of God’s faithfulness. It’s a wonderful, precious gift.

You can blog just for yourself and your family. You can also blog to allow others to witness and find encouragement from your journey. You can blog as a record for your children and grandchildren. Why not start one?

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