You’ll Always Need More Cookies

Every December 21 or so, I think I’m just about finished making Christmas cookies. Then I remember this neighbor or that friend. I think about all the cookies I might deliver! Even though I’ve been making dozens and dozens since December 1st, I know I’ll always need more. One can never have enough Christmas cookies at Christmastime.

I look at my stock of plates of cookies wrapped up with a golden bow, and I realize I’m already out of cookies. And it’s only Monday! A new friend stopped by my front porch last night with a loaf of cranberry walnut bread, so I grabbed some cookies to give to her—the last of the cookie presents. So I know my task: I make the dough this morning, bake the cookies in the afternoon, and I’ll ice and wrap them up tomorrow to keep on hand for last minute gifts, to eat ourselves, and to bless the neighbors. (And all of this in between making the Christmas Baked Ziti–a holiday favorite during the week of Christmas! What glorious smells from the kitchen!)

Living with flair means not running out of Christmas cookies. You’ll always need more.

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