You Don’t Need it Now

I wish I could be more like my friends who know how to really shop well. They buy clothes for next year at the end of each season; they glean name-brand ski jackets and gear for ridiculously low prices because it’s the end of the season. My friend advises me to go to the sporting goods store to check out the end-of-season sales because spring clothing already fills the racks.

I do. I can’t believe it. Beautiful things for low, low, low prices. I buy the cutest little winter coat for one daughter, and it’s something like 80% off!

I’m not very good at thinking about what I’ll need later. I’m not very good at gleaning end-of-season.

But there’s a principle I’m learning here: sometimes you gather up easily–and what costs you little–those lessons and truths from God that you don’t need right now, but you’ll need later. Everything that’s happening right now might not be about right now.

It might be about the future. It might be about something you’ll need later.

I keep that in mind when I’m not sure what’s happening or what I’m supposed to do with the things I’m learning or thinking about. Maybe it’s just something to glean easily for later.

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