You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Five years ago, a student of mine designed an ad campaign encouraging college freshman to stop drinking on weekends. He created a picture of a passed out college student on the front of a t-shirt. He wrote above it, “You don’t know what you’re missing.” Beneath the image, he began a list of all the amazing activities one could do instead of simply partying.

The university loved it. I loved it.

Today in class, I ask students to tell me a few of the activities they do outside of class. I’m amazed at all a person can do! I learn about croquet clubs, skiing clubs, investing clubs, Chinese calligraphy clubs, service clubs, clubs that exist just to encourage other clubs, television production clubs, and Italian clubs. I learn about Christian clubs, equestrian clubs, and political clubs.

Students tell me they can choose from 800 clubs.

I feel myself growing larger inside. I remember my own clubs: fitness group, walk-to-school, Italian Mamas, and writing groups. I begin to think about other clubs I would want to join this year. Photography? Film? Maybe I will start a calligraphy club.

Once again, I realize one should never have a bored day in her life.

What clubs do you attend?

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