“You can’t see me; I’m kneeling down.”

This morning in church, the pastor kneels down  in worship during his sermon. Practically speaking, nobody can see him. Folks strain their heads, and he calls out, “You can’t see me! I’m kneeling down!”

That’s right. In a sermon on taking the lowest place, on humbling oneself, and on exalting the name of Jesus instead of our names and platforms, that moment of invisibility in worship isn’t lost on me.

I’ve spent all my life trying to make a name for myself. I thought Christianity might save me from this, and yet, I find Christians all around me climbing the same ladder to stand out, be heard, be named. I’m not sure where I fit in. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be free from that race? 

I think about the great children’s book, Charlotte’s Web. I was thinking about Charlotte and the phenomenon that she could write. Nobody thinks about the spider; they think about the pig she writes for. Wilber gets the attention. It’s so strange. A spider can write, but Wilber becomes famous.

God, if nobody can see me in this crowd, let it be because I’m kneeling down.
Why is it that we need to be heard and known so badly?

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