You Can Do It!

With my flight delayed because of fog in Pennsylvania–and a resulting missed connection in Washington–I did the unthinkable for me:

I rented a car and drove to Baltimore to catch my flight to Raleigh for a speaking event. Yes! It was crazy, a race against the clock, and very uncertain, but here I am, at the gate in Baltimore, relaxing with my laptop.

Big exhale.

Every time I do something I think I cannot do, I grow a little stronger and a little more ready for whatever comes next.

The best part: my husband cheered me on from afar with every threshold crossed: Rebooked your flight? You can do this! Found the rental car? You can do this! Made it to Maryland? You did it! Returned the rental car and took the bus to the terminal and made it through security in record time? You did it!

So for today, you’re either the one cheering on someone else, or you’re the windswept, racing one who lives in pure adventure.

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