Work Your Plan

Today I learned about the best time of day to make decisions about your day. It’s in the morning (for most of us!)

In the morning, when you feel great (perhaps after your coffee, Bible reading time, journaling, showering), plan out your day. Choose what you’ll eat in advance. Decide when to exercise. Choose what to say yes or no to. Decide your dinner plan. Schedule out your goals for the day. Decide when you’ll write and for how long.

Then, work your plan.

I learned that we often experience decision fatigue even by 10:00 AM. In the moment, we’ll make choices we might not have made in a relaxed state. In the moment, we’ll tell ourselves not to exercise, not to eat the better option, or not to attend an event we planned on attending. We’ll always revert to a default state of the easy, the path of least resistance, and the thing with immediate reward.

At least that’s what I’m learning. So I’m working on planning the work and then working the plan. I’m working on deciding early–when I feel good–and minimizing decision fatigue later.

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