Within Four Limits

I teach so many Penn State students who intend to devote their lives to the healthcare field. I read their papers. I ask all about new research. I listen to their wisdom.

The teacher becomes the student of the students.

They all report the same four things about what we know works best for physical human thriving. It’s not a mystery. It’s not some obscure, difficult thing. Over all the years of research and all the varying kinds of fad diets and breaking news about health, these four essentials remain unchanged about what our bodies require.

  1. The right amounts of sleep.
  2. The right amounts of calories.
  3. The right amounts of water.
  4. The right amounts of movement.

I think about keeping these four boundaries around us, like a beautiful perimeter inside which our physical health thrives. My students challenge me to consider abundance within limits, like Living with Flair has always attempted. I think about planning for better, more consistent sleep. I think about awareness of food and planning better to stay within a good calorie range. I think about how to hydrate instead of drinking massive amounts of coffee. And I return to the daily walk.

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