With the Right Elements

I refreshed my birdbath by scrubbing it well and filling it back up with fresh water. My husband refilled the bird-feeders. Two simple acts created incredible results: creatures have descended!  It’s as if word spread around the neighborhood; we wake up to dozens of birds who act like they’ve found a luxury resort. And the bird seed that falls from the feeder now attracts so many squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits. It’s like I’m in a Disney cartoon when I walk into the backyard.

I think about what we offer others and how it blesses them. I want God to fill me up so rivers of living water pour out like my overflowing birdbath. I want to contain so many spiritual seeds in me that others can’t help but feast on God’s word.

When others come near us, do we offer these elements that invite rest, nourishment, and cleansing?

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