Winter Walk: Three Joys

When it’s in the 20’s or 30’s (and less windy) I find the joy of walking again. As I age, it’s harder to stay warm! My daughter and I decide to walk for nearly an hour around the neighborhood. It doesn’t bore us, even after doing these loops for years. This time, we spot three amazing things in nature.

First, we follow the musical sound of a woodpecker and find him banging happily away in a tree. Next, high above in the tallest trees, we see the outline of what looks like an owl. They nest in the woods around us, so it’s not unusual to see them as evening falls. But then, we see the coziest little winter rabbit hopping under the pine.

All this beauty in what seems like a barren season of bitter cold! I love just knowing they’re out there–the rabbit, the owl, and the woodpecker.

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