Why I Don’t Miss a Day

I’m not that disciplined of a person. I’m not a role model for excellence in any area (except for grammar and the use of strong verbs). But I do write every single day. I post on this blog every single day. And if I miss posting electronically, I write in my journal (this might happen this weekend when I’m in Dallas!). I realize that, for some things in life, the benefits far outweigh any perceived costs, so you want to do that thing. It becomes a habit, a way of being, and a part of your personality. I feel this way about daily writing. It makes me feel good. It provides a sense of order and clarity for the day. It helps my brain.

It helps your brain. There’s something about putting one’s thoughts down on the page, even if you don’t know where you’re going with a sentence. There’s something about taking time to reflect, to pause, to consider, to worship. There’s something about how writing slows you down. It’s a peaceful activity. And who knows? Once you start writing, you might put down a seed that becomes a book.

Writing also gets what’s churning inside of you outside of you. You can put it down here so it’s not tangled up inside of you. Try it. You’ll learn what you’re thinking about and why.

Writing with a purpose of gratitude also stills the negativity or sadness that might try to rise within you each day. I want to daily answer these kinds of questions: What was beautiful? What made me smile? What made me connect with divine activity? What did I learn? What made me hope? What reminded me of my purpose? What helped me grow into a more mature, loving person? How does my life help others live joyful lives? How I can care for someone else? What do I sense is next for me?

This morning, I enjoyed something wonderful: a toasted pumpernickel bagel with whipped cream cheese, red onion, capers, dill, tomato, and Scottish smoked salmon. I loved it. I loved how I drove to the bakery early to get the fresh pumpernickel bagels. I loved that I returned to a warm house smelling of coffee and family members preparing for breakfast. If you were here with me, I would make you this breakfast. We would drink strong coffee, watch the sunrise, and talk about what you’re thinking about. We’d write and reflect. But mostly, we’d talk about the smoked salmon and pumpernickel bagel and thank God for a breakfast like this. Thinking about this makes me smile. I think we will eat like this in heaven.

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