Where You’re Going

Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to lead people, and the concept strikes me that leaders obviously know where they are going and wish to take others along with them. I think some of us shrink back from leadership because we think leaders are loud, bossy, controversial, clever, the most intelligent, the most heard on social media, and the ones able to tear down others with their ideas. They are the ones reacting. I find myself never wanting to enter the battle like this, and I think, “Well, I guess I’m not a leader.”

You might feel the same thing. You feel yourself shrinking back just at the moment you might step into the light and beckon others down the path you’re forging. What qualifies you? Maybe it’s just this simple: God has shown you where to take people next. And He’s opening doors for you to lead; perhaps others have identified you as a leader.

(It’s also OK to admit you aren’t a leader. Not everyone is or should be.)

But if you are, I pray you step into your role with confidence today.

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