When You Start Thanking God

When I train my mind in gratitude, it does help. It primes me for hopeful thoughts, even when so much seems to go wrong in the world. Today, I began to record what I loved.

Things I Loved About Today

  1. I drank a delicious green smoothie (spinach, kale, oatmeal, pineapple, banana, raspberries, protein powder). When you start strong, the day feels better.  
  2. I wrote with a favorite pen in my journal as the sun rose.
  3. I drove my daughter to school and listened to Frank Sinatra and Dominos. We sang.
  4. I played the same songs as my students arrived to class. We sang.
  5. I introduced the power of using analogies with a great courtroom scene with a famous analogy.
  6. My students created analogies and even chiasmus for their scholarly definition papers. I felt like a good teacher.
  7. A student shared her new favorite poem with me. I love when students share what they love with me.
  8. Back in my office, I had a quinoa bowl for lunch with roasted sweet potatoes, veggies, and a cilantro dressing my daughter made.
  9. I snacked on crackers and mandarin oranges while creating fresh slides on how to write effective and meaningful academic conclusions.
  10. I joined in on a Zoom training on designing syllabi and classrooms for neurodivergent students.
  11. I discovered how to find more printer paper for my office printer which finally works after 5 years.
  12. I will soon meet with my colleagues in our weekly support meeting where we taste and rate fine chocolate and share our burdens.
  13. A few student meetings were canceled, so I could check the news, write, and banter with a media studies professor on the Gwyneth Paltrow ski accident trial which we decided to watch live.
  14. I had moments to pray for my children, students, and husband as I walked around campus.
  15. I returned a library book and realized how much I love university libraries that can find you any book in the whole wide world and deliver it to your mailbox if you want.
  16. I ran into fun professors in the hallway, and we talked about our classes.
  17. I graded some student grammar quizzes on using strong verbs that continue to challenge even the best writers.
  18. I responded to emails from readers which brightened my day.
  19. I thought about what my husband might make for dinner and secretly hoped we would order pizza or Chinese food.
  20. I thought about taking a bubble bath and recounting all the ways this day delighted me.

Too often, after I pray about everything going wrong and all the evil around, I forget gratitude. Try to list out twenty things that made life feel good (even if it feels badly sometimes).

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