When You Share Your Story

This weekend at my church’s prayer meeting, several people shared with me their story of God’s work in their lives. I listened to stories of miraculous provision, miraculous peace, and miraculous deliverance from what tormented someone. I heard stories testifying how God had set the lonely in families and how He used one couple in the life of a little girl (only to learn 10 years later the impact of their ministry to her). As each person told their story, I realized their story became my story, too. My heart enveloped them; my soul responded with joy and recognition. My heart also felt enlivened to experienced God like they had, to pray like they had, to trust in God’s word as they had. Listening to their stories encouraged me, strengthened me, inspired me, and gave me hope.

That’s what happens when you and I tell our stories. I’m learning that my story isn’t just for me. It’s for you. And your story is for me. For us. I pray we tell our stories.

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