When You See Your Friend Flourishing: The Local Artist Launches New Website

Do you remember the Local Artist who delivered a memorial drawing of our cat, Jack, to help us all grieve the loss of him?

She’s Jennifer Kelly!

She’s the dear friend who “did the hoping for me” when I had lost hope for my writing. She’s the one who helped me “make myself that somebody.” She’s journeyed with me all this time–through miles of walking to school, through Neighborhood Fitness, and with Saturday Morning Pancakes.

She’s been my friend in this town the longest–back when our children were in kindergarten.

She once drew a turtle for me. She once drew a fox. Just because I loved turtles and foxes.

What I most love about Jennifer Kelly’s work is how she blesses grieving parents through her gift of stunning memorial drawings.

Last night, she tells me she’s launched her website, JenniferKellyArt.com. 

Go there. You will be amazed. 

The site astounds me. What talent! Mostly, I’m thrilled and rejoicing to see a friend flourishing in this way, to see a gift like this shared with the world.

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