When You Feel Sapped of Strength

Tree Leaking Sap

I think about sap today.  I’m standing outside the apartment, waiting for my fitness friend to accompany me to the gym.  I see the sap weeping out of the tips of the pine tree beside me.  I know sap.  It’s the vital circulating fluid in the tree.  A tree’s sap carries all the nutrients to every part of the tree, much like our own vascular system.

The sap must circulate and deliver the nutrients in a closed system.  I learn that this pine tree isn’t supposed to leak sap.  A tree leaks sap when it experiences a wound or when excess pressure builds up in the tree. 

When we use the word sap as a verb, it means to drain vitality (as in, I was sapped of my strength).  I think about the reasons why we become sapped.  I think about ways we become wounded and what sources of pressure cause our “vital circulating fluid” to drain out.

A woman asks me today how I stay in balance.  She wonders how I find energy and how I refresh.  I think about sap.  You have to attend to where your wounds are.  You have to manage sources of pressure before you’re sapped of strength.  I’m learning to circulate and deliver God’s truth to every wound and every stress.

Living with flair means we know how to circulate and deliver what our mind and body need before we’re sapped.

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